Saturday, August 19, 2006

Battling monsters in Germany

To celebrate our reunion and reconciliation, I had decided it might be more fun to travel with Sky by train. An armored demon army interfered with my best laid plans.


We were in the German town of Munchen when the monsters attacked. We moved from the vulnerable train and headed for a park. The sign said Olympiazentrum. The sky was littered with the howling things. They struck at everything in their path. The weak humans scattered like the helpless sheep they are.

Warping the magnetic fields, I pulled a giant spear like tower from the ground and began to swat at the monsters. There were so many of them it was impossible not to hit dozens at a time. The tower soon broke up from the stress that I was putting it under.

"Magneto," Sky called. I could she was doing quite well in hand to hand combat against the things.

"I am a little busy, my dear."

"These warriors are bent on terminating all the humans. Perhaps we should withdraw and let them. We could gather the mutants to some distant location and let them kill the humans for us."

I thought about her idea for a moment but then quickly dismissed it. "Are you familiar with Martin Niemoeller?" I asked, as we withdrew to a more defensible position.

I could see her start to scan her database. "He was one of my people," I told her.

"A mutant?"

"Ah, no. A Jew. The idea is that with a force of this number, better we fight them with the humans. Our small mutant army might not be enough."

We moved into a large Gothic structure that looked like a church. It was called the Neues Rathaus and was actually a government building. I lifted up a crowded tour bus and began swinging that at the monsters. Then the communicator on my belt started to vibrate.

"Yes?" I said, lifting the device to my mouth.

"Master!" It was Toad. "We are-"

"You traitor! I suggest that you go ahead and kill yourself right now because it will be far more merciful than the death I will give you."

"B-but Master! The demons are-"

"Yes, probably better you let them kill you, Toad. It will be quicker that way."

"It wasn't my fault! It was Mystique!"

"I don't believe that for a moment, you worm."

"But the Brotherhood is under attack!"

" . . . alright Toad. I will spare you for the moment. Where are you?"

"We're fleeing London for our lives! The city is in ruins!"

"Then rendezvous with me in Germany. We are in Munchen."

As I broke the connection, one of the demons crashed into another demon that had been charging me from behind. I turned around and saw Sky nodding. The building around us was taking a lot of damage from the monsters. We began moving north, fighting our way through the creatures.

Suddenly Sky stopped. There was something wrong. After a moment she said, "Lin is in trouble!"
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