Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ultron's Days Are Numbered

My assault on Ultron's base is blurred in my mind. I was possessed by such an all consuming rage that I acted without conscious thought. All I can recall of my rescue is vague images. Mostly mangled robot parts and destroyed machines.

Sky was nearly dead when I found her. I managed to extricate her from Ultron's torture device and get her back to our safe-house before her life functions ceased though. Her body generated a protective cocoon while she went into her healing mode. It was rather similar to the shell she had generated the last time she was seriously injured, when she merged with Dr. Katelynn Basil to form her new cyborg entity. The difference this time is that she had enveloped me inside the cocoon with her, rather than Dr. Basil.

The whole time I was in that shell with Sky, my mind was in a sort of quasi-dream state. I was only half aware of where I was and unable to make any assertive act. I found myself thinking about my family - my parents back in Poland, my deceased wife, my twin children. For some strange reason I felt remorse to them. Like perhaps I hadn't been a good father.

I know now that is preposterous. After all, I included them in my plans to take over the world. That is, until the rejected my vision, those traitorous bastards. Not that I would ever tell Wanda that. The girl is fragile and incredibly powerful. A dangerous combination.

When Sky and I finally emerged from the cocoon I felt refreshed, rejuvenated. Like a man of only 20 years again. There was also a sense of peace and contentment which thankfully passed quickly.

"We must hunt down Ultron and destroy him!" I shouted to my assembled Brotherhood.

"What about her?" Mystique asked snidely, pointing to the floor.

I turned to see Sky sleeping peacefully on the ground. She looked so innocent. Not at all like a death dealing cybernetic machine from the future. "Have her dressed and taken to my chambers," I ordered. "Contact Captain Koma. Tell him to rendezvous with us at the old abandoned warehouse north of Ultron's base. Here are the coordinates. Oh, and tell him to bring all his troops."

"But Magneto," said Toad. "Aren't your powers enough to deal with a metal robot like Ultron?"

"While I was merged with Sky I was able to access the memories of her interactions with Ultron. He knows of my powers and his vulnerability to them. Ultron has created several different experimental vessels to hold his consciousness. Two of them are vulcanized synthoid rubber compounds. Incredibly strong and non-metallic. He is incredibly intelligent and he knows that I decimated his base. I have no doubt he will build an army of them. Now go!"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A dream . . .

I turned the rearview mirror so that I could look into it. I can't tell you how disturbing it was to see Charles Xavier looking back at me. I pulled off the rubber mask and threw it out the window.

"Did everything go alright in the Vault?" Mystique asked as she drove.

"Yes. The Lin robot was able to get through all the scanners and obtain a visit at my cell. Any visitors I receive have to come to me due to the special construction of my cell. She gave me my face and we stripped. After changing clothes, I was able to fool the guards and leave. Captain Koma has proven himself useful. I was beginning to wonder after the disappointment in Washington."

Just then a huge explosion boomed all across the country side. I turned back and saw a large dust cloud rising from the direction of the Vault. I gave Mystique a curious look.

"That would be Henchman rescuing the Lin-bot. The Vault is no more."

"Well I'm glad you got me out first," I smiled.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. Mystique took me to a safe house. After making a few calls and checking the news, I showered and changed and went to bed. As I slept, I had a vision of my Sky.

She looked beautiful with her flowing blond hair and gossamer pink gown. She told me that she was in danger. I could feel what pain she was in. She was a prisoner of Ultron and he was destroying her.

I woke with a start. Mystique was standing there, watching me.

"Where is she?" I demanded, rising from bed and putting on my battle gear.

"Let her go, Eric. She's a terminator."

"Where is she?!"

"Ultron took her to a new facility. Lin was able to trace her exact location. Shall I gather the troops for a-"

I didn't wait for the rest of her question. I grabbed the pad with her location, ripped the metal roof wide open and tore into the sky at top speed. I will reduce that Ultron to a pile of liquid metal goo!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Escape Proof?

Arrghghgghghhh!!! The damn warden at the Vault put that idiot Pyro in the cell next to mine and gave him a stereo system just so he could annoy me. That fool has been playing his horrible Smiling Baby Hitler music all day and night! This is cruel and unusual punishment!

I had just started writing a furious letter to the local congressmen when the warning alarm sounded on my door. Someone was coming.

The plastic door slid open. A fat guard walked in followed closely behind by a man in a suit. A bald man. It was Charles Xavier. Somehow he was walking. He nodded at me but I just stared at him.

"Youse got a visitor Mag-nut-oh," the Neanderthal guard said before turning and leaving. "Youse got five minutes."

Xavier and I looked at each other for a moment in silence. Finally he spoke.

"You are looking well, Eric."

"Since when do you walk?" I said skeptically.

After a moment's hesitation, Xavier smiled. Then he reached up, grabbed something around his neck and pulled his face off. Underneath the rubber mask was my own face.

"Well now that is an improvement," I said with a smile. "Did Koma send you?"

"Affirmative," the synthoid answered. He reached into his coat and pulled out a rolled up piece of rubber and tossed it to me. Spreading it out, I could see it was of Xavier's face. This part was going to be distasteful. Ah well, I suppose the President is right - freedom does come with a price.
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