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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Game, Set and Match

That damn Kodiak ripped through Master Mind, rendering him useless to me. His ability to deceive, to make people see things that aren't there, is invaluable in this kind of combat. He was able to use Storm to set of the Dark Pheonix. Now there was a danger one of do-gooder friends might talk her down. That must not be allowed to happen. She must not be distracted from her true purpose. I need her to destroy this city!

I flew up to her. "My dear forget about Fixit. I want to kill him as well but Washington needs to fall first!"

"You dare to try and tell the Dark Phoneix what to do you flea?" she snapped. "You fancy yourself the most powerful mutant on the planet, Erik? Feel true power!"

And the she blasted me with an unbelievably hot energy wave. I fell to the ground hard. Fortunately Mytique was looking out for me. She is so loyal. With a gun to Elixir's head, she forced that former X-Baby to heal my wounds.

"What do we do next?" Mystique asked when I had recovered.

"Next we - duck!!"

A yellow missile came flying straight at us. I managed to catch it magnetically before it hit. Levitating the object in front of me, I soon realized it was one of the Henchman's cyborg arms. There were some very familiar claw marks on it.

"As I was saying, our next move-"

"Hey Mags! I got a present for you!"

Turning around I saw the Constrictor. A motionless Nightcrawler was wrapped in his adamantium coil.


"I figure this will be worth a little bonus, eh?" he said.

"Bonus? You think I'm paying you for this?"

"Eh, of course. And I figure I'm worth somethin' a little extra, too."

I nodded slowly. "Sure, I have something for you." I raised Henchman's arm up and sent it crashing straight into Constrictor's chest. "That's for taking the last of the gumbo!" I shouted at his lifeless body.

Nightcrawler, who of course was faking unconsciousness, grabbed Elixir and teleported away.

"It *cough* doesn't matter, Mystique. Into the White House!"

We rushed inside. There were several Secret Service men in dark suits standing in our way but I pulled their guns from their hands and them in their heads with them. Racing to the protected command bunker in the basement, we found the door sealed. Fortunately it was made of titanium. With a flick of my wrist I ripped the door from it's hinges and sent it flying across the room. The pathetic human guards were disabled in seconds.

The President looked a little confused to see us. His wife was standing at my side. Heh, heh. Or so he thought. "Laura? What are doing with this here guy?"

"There is no time, darling," Mystique said. "We must get you out of here."

"Well, okay-dokey."

The President followed us back to the battle field. Everyone stopped fighting. More importantly the press cameras around the perimeter all turned to us. Perfect.
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