Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Washintong we go!

"Alright Koma, are you ready?"

"Uh, ready for what, Magneto?"

"For teleporting our forces to Washington, DC," I told him.

"But the X-Men and the others are still outside. Shouldn't we, you know, finish them off first?"

"No. They don't matter anymore. There shall always be time to kill our foes. Dark Phoenix is at this very moment flying over the White House. That means the city's defense forces will be focused on her. We can attack our true targets, the evil repressive racist government human, as we will. Teleport us all, right now!"

With a curt nod, Koma completed the teleportation. In an instant we were on the broad green lawn in front of the White House. The X-Men were there also. To my delight, Dark Phoenix was flying just above the government building. Storm, Rogue and Gaia were hovering around her. Several men in dark suits and sunglasses were racing out of the building, guns in their hands.

I could see that the X-Girls were trying to take Phoenix down. I could also that the X-Men were moving to attack us. Before they could though, Henchman and his ally, the Constrictor, were teleported in by Koma.

I glanced at Koma, giving him questioning look. "Henchman said he wanted to help."

"And what about him?" I asked with acid in my voice, pointing at Constrictor.

"Well, I didn't realize he was going to bring a friend," Koma answered with a shrug.

That damn Constrictor was housed in the Vault prison at the same time I was. The one night a week I looked forward to in that hell-hole was Wednesday's when they serve Cocconut Shrimp Gumbo. On his first night in the joint, Constrictor was in line ahead of me and that bastard took the very last of the Gumbo. I got stuck with a cheese sandwhich. Me! A cheese sandwhich!

Well, I had more important things to worry about at the moment than Gumbo. I'll get my revenge on Constrictor later.

"Attack the X-Men!" I bellowed to my team. I turned to Master Mind. "Project an image in Rogue's mind that Phoenix is attacking her. Now!"

Like taking candy from a baby. Bbwwahahahhahahahahaa!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Magneto killed in combat? Impossible!

Okay, so I killed his girlfriend. That really doesn't excuse that feral monster turning all sociopath on me. Seconds after I ran Rogue through with some spare Terminator parts, Kodiak leapt on top of me, his massive claws swinging furiously away. I managed to manipulate the trace metals in his body to send him flying, but that didn't stop him long. For some strange reason, my powers didn't seem to have an effect on him during his second charge.

Kodiak was growing in strength and power, not to mention ferocity. I fought quite bravely, but that monster ignored all the injury I was causing him. He managed to crack a few of my ribs. It felt like the bone was piercing a lung. He was relentless. He raised me high over his head in both his oversized arms and started to bend my back, breaking my spine. Then I felt a shimmering warmth and disappeared.

I recognized Koma's teleportation power. In a daze from the pain I looked around and realized I was deep inside my base. Koma had saved my life. I may just have to forgive him for attacking Sky.

I tried to get up but the pain was just too intense. I was losing a lot of blood. A bright light started to form in front of my eyes and I heard my mother's voice. "Go into the light, Eric," she said in her thick German accent.

"Mother?" I whispered.

"No. You're delusional," I heard Mystique say as if from a great distance. "Do it to him now!" she shouted at someone. "Do it or die!"

I felt hands touch my chest. Tingling warmth spread throughout my body. The pain subsided. I looked up and saw a young golden boy in an X-Men outfit. Mystique stood behind him with a gun to his head.

"You are called Elixir, yes?" I asked. He just nodded. "Your power is useful. You will come with us."

"B-but the X-men . ." he started to whine. I slapped him.

"The X-Men are finished! Those Terminators will kill them all. The Brotherhood is the only defender mutants have. This cure the humans are trying to force on us-"

"Magneto!' shouted Mystique. "The TV monitor!"

I turned to see CNN was still on. The picture showed an arial shot of the White House. Phoenix was flying above it. Dark Phoenix.

"Perfect," I said with barely contained glee. "She will distract the human's defenses. This is the perfect time to strike. Get Koma and his fem-bot. He can transport us to DC."

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Battle Royale

Our troops we assembled. A legion of killer T-800 Terminator death machines lovingly built by Sky. Captain Koma's vast army of upgraded Synthoids. My Brotherhood mutants, eager for battle.

"Today we burn Washington to the ground!" I shouted. Everyone cheered. "Today we destroy all their leaders!" Another rousing shout. "They have declared war on mutantkind and in one day, we shall vanquish them!"

Before the next round of cheering could begin, a giant wall of green force smashed through the reinforced wall, sweeping through the metal and concrete like it wasn't even there. Before we could react, we were outside of my lair.

The green force was coming from the ring of a hideous alien looking creature in green and black tights. The fools!

They engaged us in combat. Clearly this team of would be heroes was quite powerful. Wait . . one of them is that Martian Manhunter, the alien I had agreed to kill for Koma. "It seems I shall fulfill my obligation this day!" I told my ally. "Sky?"

Sky slipped into her Dreamweaver form and put all of the Strike Force into a deep slumber. Now they would be easy to finish. Before we could move on them though, some of the T-800s turned and made as if to attack us. I looked to Sky for answers.

"There is another force at Cyberdyne trying to control the robots. A new entity similar to Skynet. It calls itself Ultron."

Ultron?! Damn it. That psycho homicidal robot wants to destroy all organic life, human or mutant. That machine is crazy!

Just then I saw the X-Jet swoop in out of the sky. Oh goodie. The X-Men.

The fools swept out of their little plane and moved to attack. Koma had teleported his synthoids off the battle field. Just as well. The Terminators should be enough to soften up the X-Men. We can hold his androids in reserve.

The battle was ferocious. Things seemed to be going quite well for our side. Then that savage Wolverine challenged me. That fool! Has he learned nothing? With the smallest gesture of my hand I lifted him up into the air, his arms spread out to his side.

"Time to pay for all the humiliations you've heaped on me Logan! I hope you have enjoyed your life because now it is over. Bwwahahahaha-urk!"

A powerful jet of shattered ice slammed into my back, sending me flying forward and making me drop Wolverine. Iceman. Why hasn't that good for nothing Pyro taken him out yet?

Fortunately Sky blasted the furry dwarf before he could run me through. Then one of her robots blasted me! I was consumed with rage until I saw several of her Terminators melt down into a blob and then grow back up into a humanoid shape. The shape of . . Ultron!

I built up the power in my hands and prepared to fire a concentrated magnetic pulse at him. Even he would be disabled by that. As I fired though, one of the T-800s grabbed me by the neck and my shot went wild, hitting Sky. My Sky! She collapsed and Ultron moved quickly to scoop her up. With an evil laugh, he disappeared with her.

The Terminator let go of me. I sent it flying backwards. Looking out at the field, I could see all the robots suddenly lifeless, forgotten. That bastard stole my Sky! In my fury I reached out for a piece of a broken robot and sent it flying at the nearest X-Man.
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