Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mobilizing the Troops

"We will have to deal with Cyberdyne once we have taught these insolent humans not resist the inevitable flow of evolution. They can no more turn back time then they can stop nature's plan. We, however, can help evolution fulfill its plan. We shall destroy the head of this society's body, leaving it leaderless."

"What do you mean?" Captain Koma asked nervously.

"I mean we shall go to Washington DC and raze it to the ground. The White House, Congress . . even their twisted Supreme Court that would dare presume to strip us of our gifts."

Koma glanced around to some of my Brotherhood. I could see Toad was hesitant, as he usually is. Sky nodded at me. Then a faint smile crossed her lips. "According to my Skynet system files, Washington will be on full alert following this type of announcement, in preparation of a mutant attack."

Mystique flashed her a nasty look. "But Washington was the only major city not to provide a clinic to dispense the cure," she said. "Obviously they think we will be going after the clinics and so leave their precious capital alone."

"It makes no difference," I told them. "If their feeble army stands against us, then we will destroy them. Remember, their tanks are made of metal." I couldn't help but smile. "And many of their machines are now roboticized, which means that Sky can control them. With Koma's synthezoid troops providing cover, we should not face much resistance as we destroy their precious icons. And I promise you this, for each mutant they "cure" five of them shall perish."

"All I got to say is I hope Kodiak's gonna be there," Blob said. "I owe that creep some lumps."

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Call to Arms

"Now then Sky, I have dispatched a team of my Brotherhood mutants to the west coast to capture Wildcat. He is a rather insignificant member of the Justice League of America."

"He is human?" Sky asked.


"Then why do you not simply terminate him?"

"Two reasons. One, he is our live bait. Two, he possesses a Justice League communication device. With it, you shall contact the Martian Manhunter and lead him into our trap. You will be disguised as and projecting the thoughts of Joe Chill, the erst-while Incredible Hulk. You will tell the Manhunter that-"

"Magneto!" yelled the high-pitched, whiny and incredibly annoying voice that I have learned to loath over the years. Toad bounced into the room. "Magneto!" he screeched again.

"I told you not to interrupt me eve again you buffoon! Now you die!!"

Toad fell to the floor, cowering like the coward he is. "But master, the TV - put on CNN!"

I stayed my hand and waved at the television, changing the channel from Dr. Phil to CNN. The picture was of a near riot in downtown Manhattan. The broadcaster explained what was going on.

"Those fools have actually released the cure?!" I bellowed. "And they think they can use it against us as they will? This means war!!"
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