Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Sky is falling!

How dare those cretins touch my woman!

Our stolen jet sped to Cyberdyne headquarters and we were there within the hour.

"What's are plan?" Mystique asked.

My only answer was to jump out of the plane and fly straight towards the front door. With a wave of my hand, I ripped the metal doors off and sent them flying across the street.

Speeding into the entrance I saw several security guards draw their hand guns. I easily pulled them from their hands and then smashed them hard into their heads. The guards all slammed hard into the floor. My blind rage allowed me no moderation.

A loud alarm started to blare through the complex. I didn't wait for my Brotherhood. I charged forward deeper into the base. I could sense Sky's unique metal alloy three levels down. When I was directly above her, I tore the support beams up through the floor, leaving a large hole for me to descend through.

Several more guards tried to bar my way. One was even able to fire his weapon. I laughed in his pitiful little human face. I easily caught the bullets and sent them flying back straight into his heart.

The door to the lab where Sky was being held stood in front of me. It was made of metal. With a wild cry of angry I wrenched the doors from their hinges, crumpling them like tissue paper.

Some crazy scientist stood there staring at me. With a twist of my fingers I raised a fire-extinguisher from the wall and drove it through his pathetic head.

I heard bullets around me but I could feel no metal approaching my body. Looking around for Sky, all I found was a giant silvery pod.

Mystique and Toad ran up to me. "Well, where is it?" she asked.

I pointed to the cocoon. "In there."

Mystique looked dubious. "Are you sure?"

"I can feel her unique metal. That is her. And something else."

"So what do we do now, boss?" Toad asked.

"We take her with us." With a wave of my hand I raised up the cocoon. "Go prepare the plane," I told Mystique.

Carefully I lifted Sky's cocoon down the corridor and slowly up the shaft. I'm not sure what her present condition is or how to get her out of it, but I'm not taking any chances. When we reached the lobby, there were people waiting for us. Wolverine, Pantha, Storm and some of the X-Babies. Wolverine had some strange device in his hands.

"Surprised?" he asked.

"Fool. I can smell that delicious metal of yours from miles away. I think I shall now rip from your body again."

Friday, June 02, 2006

Where is Sky?

Now that Apocalypse was fully powered and sent on his errand to destroy the X-Men, I could turn my attention to other matters. With the ultimate weapon in my hands, Apocalypse my slave and a beautiful sort-of woman at my side, my whole being felt the rush of impending victory. I wanted to share my moment with someone special.

"Where is Sky?" I asked my assembled Brotherhood.

No one said anything. Fine. I walked over the control counsel Sky had installed and flipped on the various spycams. Clever Sky had placed her little devices at the prominent locations we had been to.

First Xavier's office. Hmm, Storm is leaning back at his desk, lighting up a cigar. She has a rather gloating look on her face.

Tony Stark's mansion where the weapons demonstration we held. What's this? Seems like the man is a bit of a playboy. He's rolling around on the sofa with two blond models. Maybe I'll save that video for possible blackmail use.

Cyberdyne labs. Sky hid several cameras there. Let's see. Nothing. No. Nada. N - wait! What the hell is that?! Is that Sky on that slab? What the hell are those bastards doing to her?!

I flipped on the base communicator. "Attention! This is your leader, Magneto. All Brotherhood to the jet at once! We are departing for an assault immediately! No exceptions!!"

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wrapping a gift for the X-Men

As I sat in the command chair, what I like to think of as my 'throne' really, Sabertooth wheeled in the large containment cell, holding my prisoner in stasis. With a loud thunk, he dropped it on the metal floor. The sound reverberated throughout the base that Sky had upgraded for me.

"Open the door," I ordered.

Sabertooth looked at me nervously. I had never seen him nervous before. "But Mags . . are you sure? This guy is dangerous."

"I suggest you do not make me repeat myself, Creed."

He shrugged and threw the lever. With a loud pop the seal detached itself and the door slid open. A frail Egyptian man hobbled out.

"How are you feeling Apocalypse?" I asked.

The little old man looked up at me. "Magneto. If you will kill me, then be quick with it."

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Kill you? Why no my dear Apocalypse. I have a plan for you. Rejoice for you shall be useful again."

"I am no man's survant, cur," he spat defiantely.

"Ah, but I am no mere man. I am Magneto and it is my destiny to be master of this planet. You shall pledge your loyalty to me and I restore your power and give you purpose."

Apocalypse stared at me firecly. Though his body was weak, I could see him considering his options. After a few minutes, he seemed to accept his fate.

"And what is it you would have me do?"

"Simple. Kill the X-Men and all of the students at Xavier's school who will not agree to follow me." A devious smile crossed his lips.

"And how will you give me back my powers?"

I snapped my fingers and Toad opened a sealed metal casket next to the cell. There were two long metal coils inside. Then Blob entered the room, holding the end of chain that linked 10 frightened human prisoners.

"Those are Carbonadium Coils," I told him. "Mr. Sinister made them for me on special assignment." I could see Apocalypse looked confused. "Perhaps you've heard of Omega Red? He uses those. It allows him to absord the life force of others." I waved towards the humans.

Apocalypse lifted the coils up. He jammed the ends hard into his forearms. Blood dripped onto the floor. Without a sound, he lashed the metal whips out at the human prisoners. As soon as they made contact, the humans screamed and wild yellow/orange energy flared around their pale bodies, traveled along the coils and feed Apocalypse. He began to grow.

When he had finished draining the now dead humans, he looked at me. He was standing at his full 7 foot height. His eyes glowed red.

"Now that I am again myself, what prevents me from killing you?"

I smiled. "Simple. In addition to feeding you bio-energy, those coils also injected Sinister's nanotechnology into you. All I have to do is active the nano-bots, and they will explode your heart, killing you instantly."

Apocalypse was silent. "Now then," I told him, "go to Xavier's scool and destroy the X-Men!"

The blue giant nodded and left the room. "Excellent. Now, where is Sky?"

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I have realized that Sky's devotion to me is sincere. I had taken her brusk manner as a sign that perhaps she was starting to see me as a tool that she would eventually destroy once she was done with me. After her act of utter trust though, I see now her brusk manner was simply a result of that fact that she is a robot. She has not been programmed with social graces. She had been programmed with hundreds of ways of killing people.

First Sky exposed her vulnerable central processing unit to me and then she shut down. This left her completly at my mercy.

"Maybe we should destroy her Eric," Mystique said with quite a bit hostility.

"My dear, don't you see how useful she will be to us?"

"But we have the weapon," she insisted. "Toad, Avalanche and I stole the black diamonds to power it. It can be used with your powers. We don't need her!"

"She is devoted to me and our cause. She is a valuable asset and she stays. I will hear no more about it!"

Mystique walked away, muttering under her breath. I thought I heard her say "like daughter like father" and "perverted freaks," but I couldn't be sure. I decided to let it go. Sky was vulnerable and I wanted to restore her so that no "accidents" happened.

I quickly made the necessary modifications and brought Sky back on line.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Analyzing . . systems functioning within normal parameters. Modifcations were successful."

"Excellent!" I said, wrapping Sky tightly in my arms. I leaned in and we had a long kiss.

When we finally broke, she asked, "Have you arrived at a determination on how to deal with the X-Men?"

"In fact, I have. There is an old friend of theirs that I have been keeping on ice for the last couple of months. I think it is time give him back his freedom."

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Assessing my relationship with the Terminator

I am becoming a little concerned that Sky seems to be attempting to assume a dominate role in our relationship. When she first mysteriously appreared, she was unable to recall her primary directive. I was able to recruit her to my cause and convince her to join in my mission - riding the Earth of the disease that is man. Since our association together though, her programming seems to be expanding. I wonder if some dormant functions are surfacing. We shall have to see.

She and I went to acquire the third component of her weapon. She had me send some of my agents in the Brotherhood to steal black diamonds, which she said would power the weapon. I decided to agree as I do believe this weapon will be very useful to me, though I do think I will have to remind her who is in charge. While I admit I do find myself almost irresistably attracted to Sky, she is in the end just a tool for me to use, as is everyone in the Brotherhood. All that matters in the end is that I succeed. If she stops being useful to me, then I will have to dispose of her. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
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