Thursday, May 25, 2006

Party Crasher

Just when I think entering into a personal relationship with a death dealing cyborg from the future might have been a mistake, Sky goes and does something completely wonderful.

I had gained us enterance to a VIP high tech weapons exhibition and I thought Sky's naivite was going to blow my cover. Present at the party were the big-wigs of the arms manufacturing industry who sell the engines of destruction and the politicians on the appropriations committee who buy them. The weapon Sky wanted was being demonstrated. She promised that it would augment the powers of her super-laser by 10 fold.

During the course of the reception I had been engaged in conversation with a rather lovely young woman named Brandy Powell. My intentions were purely tactical. I hoped to gain leverage over her father, General David Powell by going through her. When Sky came up to us though, she thought we were flirting. In fact she insisted we were.

It was a rather embarassing moment, until Sky suggested the three of us find a bedroom. To my delight, Brady agreed. Sky sat to the side watching as Brandy and I undressed and moved to the bed. Our passionate embrace grew until, at a rather intimate moment, Sky lost control of her emotion program and leapt at us in a jealous rage.

Lost in the heat of passion, I was unprepared for her attack. I managed to grab Sky though before she killed Brandy. I leaned in close and whispered in her ear.

"Now Sky, you really should learn to share."

I glanced over at Brandy who had a look of fear on her face. Sky relaxed in my arms. "How do I share?" she asked.

I leaned her face towards Brandy. The game young lady smiled and the three of us shared a kiss. As hands started to roam over each other's bodies, the door blasted inwards. I glanced up and saw Iron Man standing there.

"I couldn't believe it when I heard the nefarious Magneto was in the house," he said in that robotic voice of his. "This is a surprise."

The fool. He's covered in metal and my magnetic powers give me almost absolute control over all metallic substances. Unfortunately my present state caused me a momentary delay in being able to focus on my powers. He blasted his repulsor rays straight at my head and my lights went out.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

My New Command Center

I've heard all the jibes and tauntings because I'm romantically involved with a robot death machine from the future but I don't care! Let me just ask all of you one thing - has any of your flesh and blood women ever built this for you? -

I didn't think so. Sky is really the ultimate mate. It's like the vision of the Stepford Wives realized, except with lots and lots of bullets. She's eager to please, she has no compunctions about killing my enemies, in fact she's eager, and she is also fantastic in bed.

Of course "bed" is just a euphemism. The last time we had sex, just a few minutes ago actually, was on my brand new command table. As in all things, Sky is eager to please.

Now before you think I'm some kind of wanton hedonist, let me just say that physical release is an excellent way to clear one's mind. In fact, at the pinnacle moment, my plans finally crystallized. Once it was over, I looked up at Sky and asked, "My darling, about your shape changing abilities . . can you look like a man?"

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