Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Call to Arms

Sky had been tampering with Mystique, trapping her in a deep sleep state where she was reliving an endless nightmare. That she was suffering I didn't mind so much. She deserved at least that much for betraying me, whatever her motives. That I was unable to question her bothered me to no end.

Finally Sky undid whatever voodoo she had done and Mystique jumped awake with a terrible scream. I grabbed her by the throat with my right hand and began to squeeze. She looked up, naked fear in her yellow eyes.

"You have a very short time to tell me why you attacked me and stole from me. Say the wrong thing and I will snap your neck."

I eased off the pressure on her neck and she spoke. "I m-made a deal with Kelly. In exchange for the Ultron chip he purged your government file. All of ours. Your record is clean. All warrants vacated, all crimes excused. I d-did it for you, for us!"

"Ridiculous," I answered. "Why on Earth would the government excuse us? They label us terrorists and have declared war on us!"

"It's true!" she protested. "They want the Ultron chip. I don't know why and I don't care. We are free! I did it for us!"

I shook my head. "I will have to decide what to do with you later. Gaia is -" My hip started to buzz.

I reached down and grabbed my cel phone. "Magneto here. Go ahead."

"It's Koma!" came a familiar voice. "Gaia was in New York City destroying everything! Lin and I are outside her citadel! We have to stop her!"

"Where are the X-Men? This is really their kind of thing."

"Cyclops and Iceman are dead! So is Xavier's girlfriend. Or ex-girlfriend, I don't know. She's beaten the Sayian and Henchman. The X-Men turned tail and ran! This may be our last chance!"

"They ran, eh? Pathetic. Alright Koma. We can't have any more mutants being killed, misguided or not. I'll assemble my Brotherhood and we can rendezvous with you. Transportation might be a problem though."

A large portal opened up next to me. I closed the phone.


Blogger TX said...

Hmmm.. you could have waited until I had returned to my body and... why are we saving humans?

2:16 PM  
Blogger Magneto said...

I'm afraid these kind of global threats require a little cooperation. Believe me, I'm not doing it for the Saps (Sapiens).

This was an emergency situation so I couldn't wait, but I did have Koma open a portal to where you are, in case you can join us in the final battle.

6:10 PM  

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