Monday, July 31, 2006

Mystique, the Traitor?

We triumphed, of course, in our battle against Ultron. He was destroyed. Such was the only possible outcome. There was one little wrinkle though.

The Ultron Program, his memories and identity, his persona, was encrypted on three different chips. Mystique, for some reason, stole one and fled. She was not following my orders. Why she did this and where she has gone is a mystery. I doubt she knew Sky's plan in advance, so it's unlikely Mystique had this in mind all along.

I have had had problems with Mystique now and again. Though she seems quite loyal and dedicated, every once in a while she seems to be acting on her own agenda. It seems hard to believe. What other agenda than mine could there be?

Koma and his synthoid left the battle before it's conclusion. Normally I would take this as betrayal, however the Sentinel army Sky had reprogrammed to kill humans had started to attack them. Better they flee than damage the Sentinels.

I had Sky send out the Sentinels to destroy and commit mayhem. I also had her send the elite models to attack the X-Men. Heh heh heh.

Sky will now study the Ultron program while I have the Brotherhood repair my base. As for myself, I will track down Mystique. I pray for her sake that she has not betrayed me.


Anonymous Evil Vegeta from a nother reality said...

And you'll find me waiting Magneto!!!! Hahhahahahaha!

12:25 AM  
Blogger Vegeta said...

Wonder ful I will not be like Ankin Sky walker with three versions of my self running

12:29 AM  
Blogger captain koma said...

Ummm where do you expect to find Mystique. Gee I hope she's got nothing to do with what I think is going down here at the movie location where Lin and Miss Lindsay are.

Casue having Magneto turn up and cause his usual brand of mayhem would like totally suck. But (big hint) it would make for a good read.

Trying to spice things up


1:19 AM  
Blogger TX said...


11:52 AM  
Blogger corbiscide said...

I'd like to point out that that picture of Mystique is quite stunning. Leather and blue skin do go together. Also I wold like to point out the fact of the placement of the gun firmly in the cleavege.

It has all of the halmarks of a piece of erotica yet it isn't.

BTW - Vote for Koma in Smily Wars

8:21 AM  

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