Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wrapping a gift for the X-Men

As I sat in the command chair, what I like to think of as my 'throne' really, Sabertooth wheeled in the large containment cell, holding my prisoner in stasis. With a loud thunk, he dropped it on the metal floor. The sound reverberated throughout the base that Sky had upgraded for me.

"Open the door," I ordered.

Sabertooth looked at me nervously. I had never seen him nervous before. "But Mags . . are you sure? This guy is dangerous."

"I suggest you do not make me repeat myself, Creed."

He shrugged and threw the lever. With a loud pop the seal detached itself and the door slid open. A frail Egyptian man hobbled out.

"How are you feeling Apocalypse?" I asked.

The little old man looked up at me. "Magneto. If you will kill me, then be quick with it."

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Kill you? Why no my dear Apocalypse. I have a plan for you. Rejoice for you shall be useful again."

"I am no man's survant, cur," he spat defiantely.

"Ah, but I am no mere man. I am Magneto and it is my destiny to be master of this planet. You shall pledge your loyalty to me and I restore your power and give you purpose."

Apocalypse stared at me firecly. Though his body was weak, I could see him considering his options. After a few minutes, he seemed to accept his fate.

"And what is it you would have me do?"

"Simple. Kill the X-Men and all of the students at Xavier's school who will not agree to follow me." A devious smile crossed his lips.

"And how will you give me back my powers?"

I snapped my fingers and Toad opened a sealed metal casket next to the cell. There were two long metal coils inside. Then Blob entered the room, holding the end of chain that linked 10 frightened human prisoners.

"Those are Carbonadium Coils," I told him. "Mr. Sinister made them for me on special assignment." I could see Apocalypse looked confused. "Perhaps you've heard of Omega Red? He uses those. It allows him to absord the life force of others." I waved towards the humans.

Apocalypse lifted the coils up. He jammed the ends hard into his forearms. Blood dripped onto the floor. Without a sound, he lashed the metal whips out at the human prisoners. As soon as they made contact, the humans screamed and wild yellow/orange energy flared around their pale bodies, traveled along the coils and feed Apocalypse. He began to grow.

When he had finished draining the now dead humans, he looked at me. He was standing at his full 7 foot height. His eyes glowed red.

"Now that I am again myself, what prevents me from killing you?"

I smiled. "Simple. In addition to feeding you bio-energy, those coils also injected Sinister's nanotechnology into you. All I have to do is active the nano-bots, and they will explode your heart, killing you instantly."

Apocalypse was silent. "Now then," I told him, "go to Xavier's scool and destroy the X-Men!"

The blue giant nodded and left the room. "Excellent. Now, where is Sky?"


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