Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I have realized that Sky's devotion to me is sincere. I had taken her brusk manner as a sign that perhaps she was starting to see me as a tool that she would eventually destroy once she was done with me. After her act of utter trust though, I see now her brusk manner was simply a result of that fact that she is a robot. She has not been programmed with social graces. She had been programmed with hundreds of ways of killing people.

First Sky exposed her vulnerable central processing unit to me and then she shut down. This left her completly at my mercy.

"Maybe we should destroy her Eric," Mystique said with quite a bit hostility.

"My dear, don't you see how useful she will be to us?"

"But we have the weapon," she insisted. "Toad, Avalanche and I stole the black diamonds to power it. It can be used with your powers. We don't need her!"

"She is devoted to me and our cause. She is a valuable asset and she stays. I will hear no more about it!"

Mystique walked away, muttering under her breath. I thought I heard her say "like daughter like father" and "perverted freaks," but I couldn't be sure. I decided to let it go. Sky was vulnerable and I wanted to restore her so that no "accidents" happened.

I quickly made the necessary modifications and brought Sky back on line.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Analyzing . . systems functioning within normal parameters. Modifcations were successful."

"Excellent!" I said, wrapping Sky tightly in my arms. I leaned in and we had a long kiss.

When we finally broke, she asked, "Have you arrived at a determination on how to deal with the X-Men?"

"In fact, I have. There is an old friend of theirs that I have been keeping on ice for the last couple of months. I think it is time give him back his freedom."


Blogger Wolverine said...

sounds ta me Raven's a little Jealous, I would say cat fight butI'd be wrong It would be a cat fightin' a clock radio

12:23 PM  
Blogger TX said...

shutting down...

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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