Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Eliminating The Problem

I have been asked why I want kill all the humans. First of all, I didn't say that I wanted to do that. I said that I wanted to elminate the problem of humans. That doesn't necessarily mean that I want to kill all of them. Though, of course, that is one obvious way to ensure the problem is eliminated.

Secondly, the reason why all humans must go, rather than just the ones that persecute my fellow mutants, is because all humans are complicite in the persecution. While it may be true that only some humans hunt mutants, those who do, do so to fulfill the needs of all humanity. For all humans hate and fear us, as they know that it is our destiny to replace them.

Those who do not hunt or persecute us, take satisfaction that there are plenty who do. While those whose liberal sentimentalities might make it unpleasant for them to admit this fact, it is none the less true. If only those who hunt mutants were elimanated, more humans would rise up to take their place. The basic need of humans for survival is being filled by that group the prosecutes the war on mutants.

And that is why all humans must go.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Manifesto

I am issuing this written statement to declare publicly my intentions, motives and views.

Since the dawn of man, human beings have persecuted and marginalized those who are perceived as being different. If someone was of a different race, religion or tribe then they were seen as "other" and therefore, quite often, as a danger. The most common response to this irrational fear was mistrust or outright violence. This inability to see others as worthy of the same rights and respect that each person feels they deserve is an intolerable flaw. Humanity's greatest weakness is it's inhumanity.

To that extent, I refuse to sit back and allow humanity to visit the same intolerable behaviors that they have inflicted on one another against my fellow mutants. The age of the human race is over. It is the destiny of Homo Superior to be the dominant species on this planet. The only way to prevent mankind from persecuting mutant-kind is to eliminate the threat that humanity poses.

That is the end to which I am dedicating my life. You have been warned.
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