Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Making Plans With Sky

As I imagined the various way in which I would forever destroyer the Martian Manhunter, Sky came into my chambers. My mood immediately brightened and I momentarily forgot my thoughts of death.

"Yes, my lovely. What can I do for you?"

"There is still one target I need to terminate. Cinders."

"So? What's the problem? Kill him."

"I have not yet ascertained his location," she replied.

"Ah. And who does know where he is?"

"Nicholas Fury."

"Director of SHIELD. Not an easy man to get information out of. He is trained to resist torture and all but the strongest telepathy. This will require something complex. Something ingenious. Give me time to think of something, my dear."

"Of course, Magneto. Is there anything I may do to assist you in your planning?"

I couldn't help but smile. "Well, my darling, there is one thing you do that helps me focus my thoughts."

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Martian Manhunter is next

Sky was away on an important mission. I was surprised to find myself thinking about her constantly. I didn't realized how obsessed I had become. It was with no small shock that I was torn between whether to go an assist her with her mission, just so that I could be closer to her, and pursing my own immediate plans. In the end, I knew that she was fully capable of handling whatever crisis arose and perhaps it would be for the best if we did not become too dependent on one another. I hope to see her soon though.

I was considering my next move in my on going war against humanity when a rather disturbing though occured to me. During my assault on Washington a few months ago, the X-Men had aquired a new ally. The Martian Manhunter.

From what research I had gathered, it was apparent that this being was actually an alien from the planet Mars. As such, he posed a far greater danger to mutantkind that humans, who at least had an interest in preserving the safety of our planet. Clearly, the Martian Manhunter would have to die before his plans of the Earth's destructions could bear fruit.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Final Battle

The Brotherhood and I appeared at Xavier's school in New York. A typical motley crew was assembled. As usual, Xavier himself was nowhere to be seen. My team gave the X-Men and their friends dubious looks, but none of us said anything.

A distant roar was growing louder until the noise was nearly deafening. Soon the heavens were black with the alien demons. Another of Koma's portals opened next to me. Sky walked through.

Without a word we embraced, our lips locked in the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. Impending death can do that to you.

As the monsters swooped down on us, Sky and I parted. I turned to face our enemy. I sent out a powerful magnetic wave right through their center, seperating the force into two groups. My Brotherhood stayed in tight formation, watching each other's backs so the demons could not get behind us.

I could describe the details of the battle but words would fail to describe the wild range of emotions that grip one in war. Anger, exhilieration, fear. Several of my people fell. Still we fought on in the face of overwhelming numbers, refusing to accede defeat.

And then it ended. Our enemies turned to dust. Before my very eyes the landscaped was transformed from the hellish ruined battlefield into a prestine rolling estate. The shattered school was restored to its prestine condition. And our fallen comrades rose up.

A voice of such purity that I could barely stand to listen told us that the battle was over and we were heroes. Her closing words were that all would be as they should.

Then I saw Colossus striding towards the school. In his arms was the limp body of Gaia.

"I detect life signs," Sky said to me. "She must be terminated."

Without another words Sky leapt at Gaia, her arm transforming into a giant battle axe. A bolt of ruby energy shot through the air and blasted her back. Apparently she had been wounded in the battle as she collapsed at my feet.

I raised my hand and started to crush Cyclops' visor around his head. Wolverine jumped in front of me, his claws sliding out of their housing with a loud 'snikkt' sound.

"Don't even think about it, bub!"

"Bah! You know you are no threat to me!"

"There's only one way to find out," he said as he moved towards me.

"Wait!" shouted a loud, commanding voice. Storm. "Haven't we been through enough today? Take your people and go Magneto!"

I thought about flinging Wolverine claw first straight at her chest.

But what's the point? Sky's self-repair program had probably mostly healed her already. I have had enough war for the day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Call to Arms

Sky had been tampering with Mystique, trapping her in a deep sleep state where she was reliving an endless nightmare. That she was suffering I didn't mind so much. She deserved at least that much for betraying me, whatever her motives. That I was unable to question her bothered me to no end.

Finally Sky undid whatever voodoo she had done and Mystique jumped awake with a terrible scream. I grabbed her by the throat with my right hand and began to squeeze. She looked up, naked fear in her yellow eyes.

"You have a very short time to tell me why you attacked me and stole from me. Say the wrong thing and I will snap your neck."

I eased off the pressure on her neck and she spoke. "I m-made a deal with Kelly. In exchange for the Ultron chip he purged your government file. All of ours. Your record is clean. All warrants vacated, all crimes excused. I d-did it for you, for us!"

"Ridiculous," I answered. "Why on Earth would the government excuse us? They label us terrorists and have declared war on us!"

"It's true!" she protested. "They want the Ultron chip. I don't know why and I don't care. We are free! I did it for us!"

I shook my head. "I will have to decide what to do with you later. Gaia is -" My hip started to buzz.

I reached down and grabbed my cel phone. "Magneto here. Go ahead."

"It's Koma!" came a familiar voice. "Gaia was in New York City destroying everything! Lin and I are outside her citadel! We have to stop her!"

"Where are the X-Men? This is really their kind of thing."

"Cyclops and Iceman are dead! So is Xavier's girlfriend. Or ex-girlfriend, I don't know. She's beaten the Sayian and Henchman. The X-Men turned tail and ran! This may be our last chance!"

"They ran, eh? Pathetic. Alright Koma. We can't have any more mutants being killed, misguided or not. I'll assemble my Brotherhood and we can rendezvous with you. Transportation might be a problem though."

A large portal opened up next to me. I closed the phone.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tracking the Lady in Blue

There she is down below me. The Catholic school girl is walking quickly along the street, looking ever so carefully over her shoulder. Why is it people never look up? Silly girl. I thought Mystique was more clever than this.

After the Brotherhood joined up with Sky and me, we managed to decimate what was left of the strange armored demons that had attacked Munchen, Germany. There was quite a bit of damage done to the city but what did I care. The news reports said that London was devestated by the attack but the invaders had finally been repelled.

During our battle, Sky had learned that Captain Koma's robot companion, Lin, had been destroyed as a result of her involvement with the three Ultron chips. I felt bad for Koma. I knew he was very attached to her. Even though we had not succeeded in destroying Washington, we certainly did put fear in the hearts of humans. Our mission could therefore be seen as a success. Koma was a powerful ally and I appreciate his loyalty.

After we had paid our respects, we returned to my base. There I found out some rather interesting information - the destination of Mystique, more former right-hand in the Brotherhood. She had betrayed me to steal one of the Ultron chips. Now was my chance to find out why.

I left Sky at the base, giving her some pretense. She and Mystique don't get along for some reason. Better she didn't know where I was going. I traveled quickly to Boston, waiting across the street from Mystique's destination. There she was now below me, disquised as a Catholic school girl. I could always see through shape-changing power. But she had no idea I was above her.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Battling monsters in Germany

To celebrate our reunion and reconciliation, I had decided it might be more fun to travel with Sky by train. An armored demon army interfered with my best laid plans.


We were in the German town of Munchen when the monsters attacked. We moved from the vulnerable train and headed for a park. The sign said Olympiazentrum. The sky was littered with the howling things. They struck at everything in their path. The weak humans scattered like the helpless sheep they are.

Warping the magnetic fields, I pulled a giant spear like tower from the ground and began to swat at the monsters. There were so many of them it was impossible not to hit dozens at a time. The tower soon broke up from the stress that I was putting it under.

"Magneto," Sky called. I could she was doing quite well in hand to hand combat against the things.

"I am a little busy, my dear."

"These warriors are bent on terminating all the humans. Perhaps we should withdraw and let them. We could gather the mutants to some distant location and let them kill the humans for us."

I thought about her idea for a moment but then quickly dismissed it. "Are you familiar with Martin Niemoeller?" I asked, as we withdrew to a more defensible position.

I could see her start to scan her database. "He was one of my people," I told her.

"A mutant?"

"Ah, no. A Jew. The idea is that with a force of this number, better we fight them with the humans. Our small mutant army might not be enough."

We moved into a large Gothic structure that looked like a church. It was called the Neues Rathaus and was actually a government building. I lifted up a crowded tour bus and began swinging that at the monsters. Then the communicator on my belt started to vibrate.

"Yes?" I said, lifting the device to my mouth.

"Master!" It was Toad. "We are-"

"You traitor! I suggest that you go ahead and kill yourself right now because it will be far more merciful than the death I will give you."

"B-but Master! The demons are-"

"Yes, probably better you let them kill you, Toad. It will be quicker that way."

"It wasn't my fault! It was Mystique!"

"I don't believe that for a moment, you worm."

"But the Brotherhood is under attack!"

" . . . alright Toad. I will spare you for the moment. Where are you?"

"We're fleeing London for our lives! The city is in ruins!"

"Then rendezvous with me in Germany. We are in Munchen."

As I broke the connection, one of the demons crashed into another demon that had been charging me from behind. I turned around and saw Sky nodding. The building around us was taking a lot of damage from the monsters. We began moving north, fighting our way through the creatures.

Suddenly Sky stopped. There was something wrong. After a moment she said, "Lin is in trouble!"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Reunited and it feels so good

"Acchhh! Stop! Stop!"

The pathetic cries of that insipant troll Morph did nothing to deter my wraith. But I did want to find out why he had tricked me. I released the crumpled metal beams I had wrapped around him to crush out his very life.

"Why did you set me up?!" I shouted. Sky's astral form had seen me with Morph in his Mystique form. She assumed it was really her. I still didn't believe Mystique would betray me but I had to find out. I also had to recover that last chip.

"Okay, okay. Don't get so steamed, huh? It was just a joke. Toad told me you'd love it."

"Toad?!" That mal-formed, insolent, foul-smelling . . "Was Toad working with anyone else?"

"Not that I know of. I swear, it was just a joke."

I thought about killing the fool Morph right then and there but I realized there was a better use for him. I let a broad smile cross my face.

"Now that you mention it, Morph, that joke was rather funny. I was just a little startled at first."
He breathed an audible sigh of relief. "That Toad is such a kidder. In fact, I think you should return to my Brotherhood base and let him know how funny I thought it was."

"I'd like to, but I have to meet up with my team, the Exiles."

"Take them too," I told him, clasping a friendly hand on his shoulder.

After Morph had gone I contacted Lin and she told me where Sky was. I tried to explain that Toad had set us up but she didn't seem to believe me. What a shameful day when a guy's own killer death-bot girlfriend won't take his word for something. I briefly considered trying to reprogram her but I really wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize her personality.

"Have you ever been to Germany?" I asked.

"Not in this form," she answered.

We headed for the Cyberdyne Europeon headquarters where Lin had told me the Ulton chips might be. Sky accompanied me and we eventually checked into a fine hotel that knows me well. Immediately she plugged into the local Internet system and was soon able to access the local Cyberdyne encrypted network.

"The chips are not located in this facility," she announced after a few minutes. "They must be at the New York or Sydney facility. We can proceed to one of those other locations."

I shook my head and wrapped my arms around her. "Or we can let the others do their jobs investigating those bases while you and I spend some time together."

I proceeded to kiss the back of her neck. Suddenly her body went tense. "Members of the F.B.I just entered the building with German Police. It seems they have your name in the Internet system to be flagged if ever used. Shall I terminate them and then return so we can continue?"

"No, then they would just send more police and we wouldn't be able to enjoy ourselves. I have a base in London where we can spend some quality time."

"What about the chips?"

"I doubt Cyberdyne can do much of anything with them. Nonetheless, we will recover the chips. Our allies will find them and then we will take them. In the mean time, we have some other very important things to take care of."

I leaned down and gave Sky a long kiss. Footsteps clomping throught the hall outside were clearly audible. Sky and I walked to the open veranda and I used my magnetic powers to lift her body into the air as I held on. As we floated off over the city, I contacted my Brotherhood and told them to rendevous with me in London in 24 hours. And I told them to bring the Exiles.
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